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ET Fusion offers water, gas and other utility providers a software that integrates with meters and provides the tools needed to report manual meter reading in seconds.

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While many utility providers are introducing smart metering technology, many are also still in desperate need of a solution to bring it all together. And while not all clients are in an area equipped to utilize this technology there needs to be a solution that can work with new hardware and legacy meters. ET Fusion can integrate with your meters or provide you the tools needed to report manual meter reading in seconds.

In the utility sector the phrase 'normal operations' is basically non-existent. Mother nature has a definition of normal that only ET Fusion can understand. If your team is doing preventative maintenance or emergency replacements, ET Fusion can provide the necessary safety information and work orders so that your team stays on task efficiently to restore vital services.

ET Fusion Meets Utility Provider Demands

Recurring Billing

Financial Reporting

Integration with New and Old Meters

Manual Meter Reporting

Preventative Maintenance

Efficient Work Orders

Lead and Sales Management

Proactive Customer Support Tools

Scheduling Tools

Customer Segmentation

Customer Analysis

Day to Day Operations Management

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