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ET Fusion has first-hand experience in guiding your business from a network, hardware and operational perspective, ensuring you are making intelligent business decisions.

Top-Quality Wireless Broadband Expertise

  • Mobile Backhaul

    Hardware Procurment

    Making the wrong decisions can be costly and unmeasurable to customer retention. ET Fusion has learned from many years of experience and can help guide you to building a sustainable Wireless Internet offering.

  • Robust air interface

    Network Planning

    Ensuring you deploy a network capable of the needs of today and the future is just as important as ensuring you have the right equipment. ET Fusion can help you design and implement an enterprise network capable of meeting those needs.

  • Planning Interface

    Billing & Operational Procedures

    Standard Operating Procedures are essential to the success of any new or growing WISP. ET Fusion has created SOPs that can be adapted to any business in the field.

  • GPS


    Having the right people is crucial to your success, making sure those people possess the right knowledge is even more important. Learn from our professionals or take part in our in-field procedures to get hands-on training.

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