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Frequently Asked Questions, ET Fusion

Do you have recurring billing built into the platform?

Yes we support monthly recurring charges (MRC) and pro-rated billing for clients on fixed rate plans. You can also have Non Recurring Charges (NRC) for items that need to be billed in connection with your MRC fee's or separate.

What devices does the mobile app run on?

The mobile application is designed for Android and iOS operating systems so you can use it on your tablet, phone, iPhone or iPad. We are currently evaluating the need to support Windows Smart Phone and with enough demand will add this platform.

How secure and robust is this solution?

Very. ET Fusion is powered by ET Core which is a platform examined and certified for compliance by some of the largest companies in the world. The entire solution resides in the Amazon Cloud space with live replication to a Disaster Recovery site. To connect to the solution your computer or mobile device will use SSL which is the same standard as online banking.

How do leads get generated into ET Fusion?

Leads can be entered into ET Fusion through 2 methods. 1 - you can embed a contact form on your website that will allow clients to complete and register their information which automatically gets into ET Fusion 2- You can manually enter in a lead into ET Fusion through the leads area under the "Business Navigation"

How much time will ET Fusion save me?

Customers that run ET Fusion typically have 25-50% on operational overhead due to the streamlined process created reducing manual labour.

What is Business Intelligence and how I can benefit from it in ET Fusion.

BI is a form of analyzing raw data and providing suggestions based on data mining. One example in ET Fusion is the interface between Mitel and Aastara voip phones and the capturing of call log history. By capturing this information the system can now report automatically on the average amount of time spent on the phone before a lead becomes a customer or analyze the amount of support time required by a customer through various life cycles of their relationship.

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