Case Studies

Niagara Wireless Internet Company ( NWIC Inc.) runs more efficiently then ever since implementing ET Fusion business management software.

With a growth of over 50 new subscribers and 120 leads per month, NWIC needed a solution to address the challenges in the standard service provider business model. No software on the market existed that could address all the concerns of everyday operations. Well, no software until ET Fusion.

NWIC  Case Study

  • Managing rapid growth while ensuring your existing customers are happy is an almost impossible task. ET Fusion brings all areas of the business together functioning as a single unit. A unit that doesn't know the meaning of no only how."
    - Dave Thompson, NWIC Inc.

Major Challenges

Niagara Wireless Internet Company encountered the problem that many successful small businesses face. It was starting to grow too quickly.

While growth is a good thing, unplanned growth can cause a long term negative affect on your business if service standards are not met with existing clients. NWIC was using many disconnected systems to operate business. As each month went on and more clients on-boarded it became longer and longer to produce monthly sales invoices and collect payment.

Operationally mistakes were being made from improper provisioning of clients radios costing extra usage of resources and missed future revenue opportunities. The business was becoming unmanageable, unsustainable and soon to be unprofitable.

A cross roads came, sell the business or make it more manageable and capable of growth without the requirement of doubling staff head count.

Software before ET Fusion?

The market is filled with niche tools that are great when used independently, but the reality is that these tools are not built to work together.

With ET Fusion, you get all these great capabilities in one easy to use software, accessed from one dashboard.

  • Google Calendar and Sheets for scheduling
  • Microsoft Excel to manage IP/Network Asset management
  • Manual data posting in QuickBooks for invoicing and payments
  • Independent software products to manage wireless infrastructure on a 1:1 basis
  • Email to manage service tickets and internal tasks
  • Non-existent inventory control

Why ET Fusion?

NWIC needed a solution that could automatically register and manage leads into a system that could be later used for billing, service and operations without the requirement for data re-entry.

Billing needed to be streamlined and take minutes not days each month and ensure automatic payment methods would post and receive payments automatically.

Field technicians needed something in their hands to require information as its occurring

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