ET Fusion works with wireless internet, telecom and utility service providers to help streamline and connect their businesses with sophisticated business and operations support systems.

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We are unique. We are unlike the competition and we live in the cloud. We are ET Fusion.

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We empower businesses to do great things. Sounds like a catchy marketing line, but really, ET Fusion will help service providers streamline and connect their businesses like never before. You can take our word for it, or experience it for yourself. » Learn More

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ET Fusion specializes in the Service Provider market, which consists of Wireless Internet Service Providers, Internet and Telecom Service Providers as well as Utility Service Providers. If you are from that space, you have a bullseye on your logo. » Learn More

About, ET Fusion

The ET Fusion Origin Story

While running a WISP at the time, we came to the realization that the traditional methods of running a service provider business were simply unmanageable. We were faced with a decision - either fix the way we ran the business, or sell the business all together. 

Challenge accepted.

We decided to tackle the issue head on. ET Fusion is a division of Extreme Technology Corporation (ETC), which was established in 2001. At ETC, we are well-equipped with a full team of developers who specialize in custom software development. With the team to execute, our years of expertise and our WISP background, we were up for the task. 

We knew we needed to develop a software platform that could address the pain points of the industry - streamline back office operations, manage financial reporting and billing, while also making customer account management simple and efficient.  We took everything we have learned in the last 15 years and packaged it neatly into a product, called ET Fusion.

Our first release of ET Fusion was three years ago and we have implemented many improvements since then. Our team is constantly developing to meet the needs of the industry. 

We can change the game for your business. Get in touch today.

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