About ET Fusion

ET Fusion connects businesses with sophisticated business and operations support systems.

About ET Fusion

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Monitoring devices and applications doesn’t need to be a difficult or expensive part of your IT budget. ET Fusion’s Monitor+ App gives you full monitoring capabilities of both internal and external devices and applications. For most companies this eliminates the need to have a Network Managed System (NSM).

Whether it’s Ping, SMNP or more specific applications, Monitor+ will help you keep your system running optimally.

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Do you have an API?

Yes. API tokens are available for any customer with an Enterprise Monitor+ Account.

Does internal monitoring cost more?

To do internal monitoring you will need a Pro Monitor+ Account and ET Fusion Network Probe.

Can you view an outage map?

Yes. Each device supports address and Lat/Long coordinates allowing us to pinpoint outage areas from an interactive map feature.

Can I post pictures and notes on outages so they can be captured and reviewed later?

Yes. Separate from device images or documents, each failure creates an incident which can be a combination of multiple failures or just a single one. Our incident management allows you to assign a user, take notes, images, and set ETA resolutions and investigation statuses.

How does Ping in the diagnostics feature of the app work for internal monitoring?

When you monitor internal devices or applications you have an ET Fusion monitoring probe that sits inside your network in order to talk to local IP addresses. When we perform diagnostics, we create an SSH tunnel to the device to accomplish this.

Do you support webhooks?

Customers with a Pro Monitor+ Account have access to create webhooks.